Uswatun Qoyyimah, Graduate of an Islamic Boarding School with Myriad Academic Achievements Abroad

TIMESINDONESIA, JOMBANGUswatun Qoyyimah, Director of the Graduate Program at Darul Ulum Islamic Boarding School (Unipdu Jombang) is an intelligent woman from Islamic boarding schools with a myriad of academic achievements abroad.

Being educated from the Islamic boarding school, precisely at the Darul Ulum Islamic Boarding School (Ponpes), Rejoso, Peterongan District, Jombang Regency did not make Uswatul Qoyyimah feel inferior.

Starting from Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI) benches to universities, the woman who is familiarly called Neng Yiyin is classified as an outstanding student. He often won the class when he was in school.

Entering college, Neng Yiyin decided to study English literature at Sebelas Maret University, Solo, Central Java and graduated in 1998. He wanted to prove that Islamic boarding schools who studied religion every day could also compete in general science.

“I’m not inferior, I’m excited, that from the Islamic boarding school I must be able to. So that Islamic boarding schools and the Islamic religion are not underestimated by others. So as a Muslim you must be smart,” he told TIMES Indonesia, Sunday (3/10/2021).

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