Together with Baznas, Unipdu Medika Hospital Holds Circumcision of Love

JOGOROTO – Unipdu Medika Hospital Jombang Held a mass circumcision event entitled Circumcision of Love for 300 Orphans of Dhuafa in commemoration of the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW 1443 H. This program is a synergy with Baznas of Jombang Regency.

The event at Unipdu Medika Hospital was attended by 24 participants with medical personnel who had also been prepared by the hospital which had just inaugurated the Mrs. Hj Pavilion. Azah As’ad and the Covid-19 PCR and Serology Laboratory. It was revealed by the Director of Unipdu Medika Hospital, dr. Galih Satrioyo Hutomo was very pleased to be invited to work with the Baznas of Jombang Regency in holding the Circumcision of Love for orphans and poor people in the City of Santri.

According to him, this is a golden opportunity to serve the people of Jombang in particular. Therefore, his party is always ready when in the future they are invited to carry out other social actions together with the Jombang Regency Baznas.

In addition to Circumcision, Participants get Koko Shirt, Sarong, Songkok, Pocket Money, Meals, and Snacks. In addition, Sharia Pawnshops also provide food packages. The participants were even happier when the kyai and sound also distributed the participants’ blind love envelopes. the event was more lively by being paraded and accompanied by banjari.

In addition to the Unipdu Medika Hospital staff, KH Zaimudin Wijaya As’ad – Gus Zuem as the Chairperson of the Darul Ulum Islamic Boarding School Foundation, KH Dr.dr. Zulfikar As’ad, Deputy Chancellor of Unipdu Jombang and Chair of ARSINU – NU Islamic Hospital Association, H. Didin A. Sholahudin, Chair of the Jombang National Development Planning Agency, Head of Sharia Pawnshops, Kyai and Bunyai Caretakers of Ponpes Darul Ulum Jombang, UPZ – Zakat Management Unit kec. Jogoroto and Diwek.