FKIP Unipdu Jombang held a Public Lecture with Griffith University

Jombang (18/01/2022) The Teaching and Education Faculty (FKIP) Unipdu Jombang held a Public Lecture with guest speaker Assoc Professor Debbie Bargallie of Griffith University, Australia delivering a presentation titled: (Re)Educating Australia: Transforming education through critical racial and decolonial literacies. This event started with a recitation of verses of the Holy Quran by a student from Unipdu. This was followed by a speech from the Director of Postgraduate Program Unipdu , Assoc. Professor Uswatun Qoyyimah Ph.D. In her speech, Prof Qoyyimah explained that the purpose of holding this event was to further develop the relationship between Unipdu and Griffith University, especially in the field of research as part of Unipdu’s efforts to become a world class Islamic University. Next, Chancellor and Drs. KH. Zaimuddin Wijaya As’ad, Ms, as Chairperson of the Pesantren Tinggi Darul Ulum Foundation delivered his speech. This was followed by speeches from Prof. Dr. Ahmad Zahro, M.A., the Chancellor of Unipdu, stating that he would follow up on this event by inviting other academics including those from Arab countries as Adjunct Professors at Unipdu. The opening ceremony was closed with a prayer led by Dr. dr. Zulfika As’ad.

Two Unipdu student representatives were the Masters of Ceremony for this inaugural. Dr. Achmad Farid, SS., MA., Ph.D, a lecturer at the Teaching and Education Faculty, was the moderator and translator for the guest presentation. The event was held in Meeting Room 1 UNIPDU Jombang with approximately 80 people including high school students, university students, teachers, and lecturers in attendance.

The audience were enthusiastic about participating in the event, as evidenced by the interactive question-and-answer session where participants were active in asking questions.

In her presentation, Prof Debbie discussed the importance of students, educators and researchers engaging with different bodies of scholarship, and epistemologies (ways of knowing), ontologies (ways of being) and axiologies (ways of doing), as well as cultivating solidarities and relationships across institutions globally to effectively transform education.

Furthermore, Prof Debbie and Prof Uswatun discussed the potential for future research  collaborations and symposia at Unipdu Jombang with Muslim and other feminist educational scholars from a variety countries. The hope is that such activities can build the capacity of educational researchers in Indonesia. (sc:dena)

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